Doug Linton



As a John L. Scott broker and a Redfin Partner Agent, my mission is transactional excellence and client satisfaction. That means I work tirelessly to make your home buying or selling process as efficient, stress-free and lucrative for you as possible.


Redfin Partner Agent

As a Redfin Partner Agent, I have access to even more homes and services.  Redfin has the best client support system there is.  Working with Redfin allows me to always give the best service to my clients. 


Adult Family Home Support Services

I have specialized in the refinance, purchase,, and sale of Adult Family Homes in Western Washington for over 15 years.  I started working with Adult Family Home clients in 2004.  I soon realized that most mortgage brokers and real estate agents don't know how to work on these types of deals.  The business contracts involved for the real estate and business are different and specialized.  Also, the terms of the business deal need to be specified in the contract.  I can show you how to write up your contracts to protect you.  So you don't waste your time and money looking at properties or working with people that can't help you with your business goals.

Whether you are looking to purchase a CHOW or start your business from scratch, I can show you how.  I have helped so many business owners all across Western Washington.  I do get a lot of repeat business an many of my clients now own multiple Adult Family Homes that they purchased through me.  I'm excited to help you reach your dream of owning an Adult Family Home.  The opportunities are amazing and I am always impressed with how successful my clients are.  I am so proud of each and every one of them.

I do work with a variety of lenders and brokers that can help you with your financing.  I also work with consultants who have experience working with DSHS and with the State of Washington.  They know the rules and regulations and will be able to answer any questions that you have about whether a house will make a good Adult Family Home.  We can answer a lot of your questions up front.  So you won't make costly mistakes or waste your time.  We will streamline the process so you can close and get licensed quickly and start operating your Adult Family Home.  There are never any up front costs for my services.

If you are looking to start an Adult Family Home yourself, I will show you how.  We can find you a home that would qualify to be an Adult Family Home with minimal remodeling.  And if you need contractors for the remodeling, I can refer you to contractors who will help complete the work for you.  Most lenders offer no money down financing.  I can search the areas you choose and find you the perfect home for your new business.  There are so many great houses that can be converted for a reasonable price.  And they are available in every neighborhood.

I would love to talk to you about the purchase of your next Adult Family Home.  I am happy to answer any questions you have.  We can put together the perfect business plan for you.  Give me a call!!



Successful negotiations help move a conversation forward and transform the process into an agreement that’s a win for all parties. Negotiation is not only a skill, but a mindset. I keep my clients’ best interests top of mind as I negotiate on their behalf. 


Transactional Excellence

I am dedicated to transactional excellence for every listing and sale. What this means for you is that I oversee every detail of the real estate transaction. The transaction is far from over once an offer has been accepted. I monitor inspections, appraisals, title, escrow and loan processes. Communication and collaboration with all the partners and parties involved with the transaction ensures a smooth and timely closing. I am committed to my clients before, during and after a sale.